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Big Brother UK

Voyeurism en masse!

Big Brother UK Fans
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Welcome to the
Big Brother UK community. I think its purpose is pretty obvious. All fans are
welcome to join and discuss this addictive and fun TV show. :)

Moderated by sparkle and caz


Community Rules

1) This community is
supposed to be fun and friendly. Derogatory remarks about people based on their
race, sexuality, religion etc. are not welcome.

2) If you do intend to post something which may cause offence to others
in the community or isn't "work safe" then please use the lj cut option with a warning of the content
of the post. This way people don't have to read something which may offend them
and the community hopefully won't end up with members throwing inflammatory personal
remarks at each other. Off-topic posts will be deleted when appropriate.

3) Please do not advertise other livejournal communities here. For that, please use a community such as community_promo. If we want to find a community, we all know how to
search for one!

4) Trolls will almost certainly be banned.

5)Offensive icons should not be used on either posts or comments.

6)We will not tolerate extremely offensive language. You will be warned, and if still ignored, we will set a temporary or permanent ban.
Thanks and enjoy! :)